Markets: Grocery/Retail

When it comes to the grocery and retail markets, T&S Brass is a proven leader — offering an array of innovative, efficient solutions that help operators save money, conserve resources and focus on their customers. Our extensive selection of water- and energy-saving products is ideal for any foodservice-related retail space, helping facilities reduce costs and get the most out of their equipment.

Market Resources for Grocery/Retail Stores

  • T&S Hose Reels (video)
    T&S Brass instructional video for Hose Reels.
  • Where Blue Meets Green Brochure
    Lean about T&S' longstanding leadership role in sustainability with an overview of our green manufacturing processes and water & energy savings products. This piece also details how T&S products can help contribute to prerequisites and credits in a variety of LEED v3 and LEED v4 categories.
  • Grocery Market Segment Brochure
    A go-to guide for store applications, the grocery/retail brochure addresses why T&S products are a perfect for to the needs of a grocery store.
  • ChekPoint Brochure
    This brochure gives information on the T&S ChekPoint Electronic Faucets. It includes standard features, models, parts included and typical installation instructions.
  • Selecting the Perfect Hose Reel Brochure
    A true educational brochure that details the industries and applications that benefit from the use of hose reels. Discover the features that set T&S hose reels apart from the competition and which options to consider for the best hose reel.
  • Selecting the Perfect Pre-Rinse Unit Brochure
    From base faucet and style to spray valves and accessories, this brochure details the necessities for configuring the perfect pre-rinse unit for your needs. Learn the best way to put the world's first pre-rinse unit to work for you.
  • Calculator: Pre-Rinse Spray Valve
    See how much you could save by switching to a low-flow spray valve.
  • Calculator: Low Flow Aerator
    Calculate your potential savings from adding aerators to hand-wash sinks.