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Clean with your feet: Knee and foot pedal valves offer alternative for hands-free operation


Clean with your feet: Knee and foot pedal valves offer alternative for hands-free operation

The intense focus on good hand hygiene brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has led to a sensor-operated fixture explosion. But these technologies, while valuable, are not the only option for hygienic hands-free operation.

Knee and foot pedal valves are another alternative for going hands-free. Perennially popular in hospitals, these valves have found homes in other facilities, including food processing plants, medical offices and more.

The basics

Knee and foot pedal valves are easy-to-operate options for a number of applications.

At hand sinks, users can simply walk up and step on a foot pedal valve or depress a knee valve to start water flowing, allowing them to avoid touching handles or any surrounding surfaces like sink basins, countertops and more.

Foot pedal valves are also popular options for other kinds of cleaning, where users' hands are needed for handling equipment or other materials.

With a knee or foot pedal valve, a simple press of the foot or knee operates the water, so there's no need to fumble for a faucet handle.

All T&S knee and foot pedal valves feature flip-up design for easy cleaning of floor and surrounding areas.

The options

Like most T&S products, T&S knee and foot pedal valves are available with a variety of options to help you customize the product to your specific needs.

Knee and foot pedal valves are available in single and double valves - select double valves to provide both hot and cold water.

Foot pedal valves are available with short or long pedals, and floor, wall and ledge-mount options accommodate any application.

Knee valves are available in stirrup shape or the more popular paddle shape.

Both knee and pedal valves are paired with dummy gooseneck nozzles, which are available in different sizes, flow rates and outlet types (laminar, aerated) to accommodate specific needs. And all come with a swivel-to-rigid washer to allow for either swivel or rigid operation.

Cartridges are available in fast- or slow-closing versions. Fast-closing cartridges shut off the water flow immediately when the pedal is released. Slow-closing cartridges, adjustable from 10-30 seconds, minimize water hammer issues.

Learn more and explore the options for T&S knee and pedal valves.