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Due to inclement weather in Southeastern United States, the T&S Brass facility in Travelers Rest, SC will be CLOSED on Friday, January 22, 2016.

We plan to return to our regular operating schedule on Monday, January 25, 2016.

Pre-Rinse Units Pre-Rinse Units :- T & S Brass

Pre-Rinse Units

Manual Faucets Manual Faucets :- T & S Brass

Manual Faucets

Sensor Faucets Sensor Faucets :- T & S Brass

Sensor Faucets

Glass Fillers Glass Fillers :- T & S Brass

Glass Fillers

Washdown Solutions Washdown Solutions :- T & S Brass

Washdown Solutions

Appliance Connectors Appliance Connectors :- T & S Brass

Appliance Connectors

Waste Valves Waste Valves :- T & S Brass

Waste Valves

Laboratory Products Laboratory Products :- T & S Brass

Laboratory Products

Bath & Shower Bath & Shower :- T & S Brass

Bath & Shower

Emergency Equipment Emergency Equipment :- T & S Brass

Emergency Equipment

Pet Grooming Pet Grooming :- T & S Brass

Pet Grooming

Parts & Accessories Parts & Accessories :- T & S Brass

Parts & Accessories

Equip Equip :- T & S Brass