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Due to inclement weather in Southeastern United States, the T&S Brass facility in Travelers Rest, SC will be CLOSED on Friday, January 22, 2016.

We plan to return to our regular operating schedule on Monday, January 25, 2016.






    Nozzle Outlet


    Spray Valve


Service Sink & Sill Faucets Manual Faucets : Service Sink & Sill Faucets - T & S Brass

Service Sink & Sill Faucets

Pantry Faucets Manual Faucets : Pantry Faucets - T & S Brass

Pantry Faucets

Medical & Lavatory Faucets Manual Faucets : Medical & Lavatory Faucets - T & S Brass

Medical & Lavatory Faucets

Workboard & Bar Sink Faucets Manual Faucets : Workboard & Bar Sink Faucets - T & S Brass

Workboard & Bar Sink Faucets

Big-Flo Faucets Manual Faucets : Big-Flo Faucets - T & S Brass

Big-Flo Faucets

Pedal Valves Manual Faucets : Pedal Valves - T & S Brass

Pedal Valves

Single Lever Faucets Manual Faucets : Single Lever Faucets - T & S Brass

Single Lever Faucets

Self-Closing Metering Faucets Manual Faucets : Self-Closing Metering Faucets - T & S Brass

Self-Closing Metering Faucets

Pot & Kettle Fillers Manual Faucets : Pot & Kettle Fillers - T & S Brass

Pot & Kettle Fillers

Wok Wand Faucets Manual Faucets : Wok Wand Faucets - T & S Brass

Wok Wand Faucets

Dipperwell Faucets Manual Faucets : Dipperwell Faucets - T & S Brass

Dipperwell Faucets

Bedpan Washers Manual Faucets : Bedpan Washers - T & S Brass

Bedpan Washers

Bubblers Manual Faucets : Bubblers - T & S Brass


Concealed Body Faucets Manual Faucets : Concealed Body Faucets - T & S Brass

Concealed Body Faucets

Concealed Bypass Mixing Valves Manual Faucets : Concealed Bypass Mixing Valves - T & S Brass

Concealed Bypass Mixing Valves

Kettle Kaddies Manual Faucets : Kettle Kaddies - T & S Brass

Kettle Kaddies