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Save water in the kitchen by stopping leaks


Save water in the kitchen by stopping leaks

Leaks contribute significantly to unnecessary water usage in U.S. homes and businesses. The EPA estimates that leaks can account for more than 6 percent of a commercial facility’s total water use. A single faucet dripping at a rate of one drip per second can waste 3,000 gallons of water every year.

Fix A Leak Week encourages users to find and fix those leaks to keep them from sending precious water and financial resources down the drain.

Maintaining kitchen plumbing equipment is essential to stopping leaks before they can make a big impact. Most kitchen leaks can be easily traced to the wear and tear on the softer parts that help faucets and pre-rinse units operate smoothly, such as gaskets, washers and o-rings.

In faucets using Eterna compression cartridges and pre-rinse units and spray valves, identify the following leak locations to find and replace the appropriate wearable parts.

A. Aerator: Replace the o-ring between the outlet tip and nozzle

B. Handle: Replace the packing nut

C. Bonnet base: Replace the top gasket

D. Coupling flange: Replace the coupling gasket

E. Nozzle base: Replace the swivel o-ring

F. Spray face: Replace the bonnet assembly

G. Between the spray valve handle and hose: Replace the hose washer

H. Handle base: Replace the washer

I. Bumper: Replace the rubber bumper with spray face kit

See wearable part replacement in action with this video on pre-rinse units and this one on faucets