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Getting the most from a pre-rinse unit | 4 frequently asked questions


Getting the most from a pre-rinse unit | 4 frequently asked questions
How long can I expect my pre-rinse unit (PRU) to last?

T&S PRUs have a 3-year warranty but often last much longer than that with proper maintenance and periodic replacement of wearable parts. We commonly say that the PRU base will last the life of the building.

What can I do to get the most life from my PRU?

The first step in getting the longest life from your PRU is selecting the appropriate configuration for your application. Use the T&S brochure on selecting the perfect pre-rinse unit for a step-by-step guide to getting the right equipment for your needs, including available accessories and options that can improve function and efficiency.

After installation, regular maintenance and appropriate use are the two biggest factors affecting the life of a PRU.

What regular maintenance does my PRU need?

Hoses, spray valves, springs and faucet cartridges, except for Cerama cartridges, are common wear points for PRUs that will require periodic replacement.

Watch for drips from the nozzle or spray valve as a sign that it’s time to replace cartridges, and consider switching to the lifetime-guaranteed Cerama.

You can reduce wear and therefore minimize maintenance needs by installing a pre-rinse swivel to reduce strain on the hose from twisting and turning, utilizing a wall bracket to support the riser and stabilize the unit, and switching to a durable B-0107-J or B-0107-C spray valve.

What are some common misuses of PRUs?

The most common misuse is overextension of the hose from workers trying to use the PRU to rinse the dish machine or dish table. For applications where the PRU will be used to clean nearby equipment, install a PRU with balancer to provide 5 feet of reach.

Additionally, workers sometimes use the rubber bumper on the spray valve to scrub dishes, which causes the seal to wear faster and leads to leaks around the spray head. A brush attachment is available to provide scrubbing capability to a spray valve.

Have more questions about maintaining or updating your PRU? Contact the T&S customer care team for answers or assistance.