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28 projects, 2 million hours and 1 YMCA | T&S’ commitment to quality by the numbers


28 projects, 2 million hours and 1 YMCA | T&S’ commitment to quality by the numbers

T&S has long stood for quality and excellence, a priority that was most recently recognized by our being named one of IndustryWeek’s Best Plants winners for 2018.

But what does being a quality manufacturer mean? For IndustryWeek, it’s about plants that demonstrate world-class manufacturing and are on the leading edge of efforts to increase competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction and create rewarding work environments.

For T&S, quality means we are relentless in our drive to ensure our customers receive the best products backed by the best service provided by employees working in the best environment. Here’s how we do it.

Quality first

T&S has spent more than 70 years building a reputation for durability and reliability, for products that can be counted on to perform in the harshest conditions and stand up to the rigors of constant, hard use.

We do that by insisting on quality products and quality craftsmanship at every turn. Our award-winning plant in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, machines, polishes, plates and assembles plumbing products that are then stringently quality tested right in the factory.

  • 100% of T&S products meet or exceed national lifecycle testing standards
  • The customer reject rate is 0.012% of all shipped products

We didn’t get to performance numbers like that by resting on our laurels. T&S prizes ongoing improvement. We tap into associate-driven Continuous Improvement Teams to lead efforts to improve safety, quality and productivity.

To date, 28 projects have been completed by the cross-functional teams, which have involved 40% of the T&S workforce.

World-class customer service

Providing quality products is one thing, but supporting those products with industry-leading customer service is at the heart of T&S Brass. That commitment is one of the reasons we have maintained a 98% customer retention rate for the past three years.

Our Quick Ship program is dedicated to getting products to customers when they need them. The average order-to-shipment time is 2 hours, and 89% of orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt. Of the remaining 11%, most were orders requesting a future ship date.  

T&S’ focus on customer service has led to a record low customer complaint rate of 0.0001 complaints per dollar shipped. And when customers do have a problem, they are helped by an extremely knowledgeable and experienced customer care team.

  • Average length of employment over more than 300 associates is 13.8 years
  • 45% of T&S associates have been working at T&S for more than 15 years


T&S knows that a plant is only as good as the people in it and the community that supports it. That’s why we’re committed to creating a safe, responsible workplace and a strong community.

T&S’ South Carolina plant and headquarters surpassed three years without a lost-time accident in early 2019. That’s equal to more than 2 million safe labor hours. And our OSHA-recordable injury and illness incidence rate is more than four times lower than the industry average.

Those records are due in part to creative efforts to promote associate safety, like installing rotating LED sign projectors to warn of heavy forklift traffic and slippery floor areas.

T&S is also proud to support the greater community through philanthropic programs.

  • $813,000 in charitable contributions between 2014 and 2017 to support needs like workforce development, litter clean up and assistance for those with disabilities
  • $1,500 annual scholarship to one student from every public high school in Greenville County to attend Greenville Technical College
  • Initial and ongoing financial support for the establishment and operation of the George I. Theisen North Greenville Family YMCA, named for T&S co-founder George Theisen
  • Regular support for associate-driven philanthropy, including donations of toys to children at Christmas and participation in charitable runs and other events

Environmental stewardship

T&S understands the critical importance of protecting natural resources. That’s why we not only produce water-saving products to help our customers reduce water consumption, but we produce them in a facility that’s growing more sustainable by the day.

  • 638 recently installed solar panels provide 15% of facility’s total electrical usage, saving more than 370,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions in 2018
  • 200,000 pounds of cardboard, plastic and paper and 9,000 gallons of coolant are recycled annually
  • Carbon footprint for the headquarters facility has been cut 5% year over year

T&S also regularly seeks out opportunities to minimize our overall impact, like switching from fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the light.

Learn more about T&S’ commitment to excellence at