Sustainable Products

T&S is the industry leader in water conservation and product selection.

We understand how important water conservation is in this day and age. That's why we lead the way in the foodservice and plumbing industries with an extensive line of products that meet all water conservation requirements without compromising performance. All of our models are manufactured to deliver the consistent flow you need, while maintaining the water and energy savings your industry demands. Conserving water through innovation

Conserving water through innovation

T&S Brass products are designed to meet your energy and performance needs for both plumbing and foodservice applications. Twenty years ago, we were ahead of the industry with the introduction of the B-0107-C low-flow spray valve. Today our B-0107-C and B-0108 are the only pre-rinse spray valves endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). And we continue to offer water-saving innovation for plumbing applications with our ceramic cartridges, controlling flow within a range of 0.25 to 3.00 gpm.

Setting the standard for manufacturing

At T&S, we're not only interested in what we make, but also in how we make it. We use 98-99% recycled metal, and we recycle all our brass chips and buffing/polishing dust to reduce the demand for virgin mined material. We've eliminated all VOC and ozone-depleting chemicals from our processes, and we converted all of our machines to use long-lasting semi-synthetic coolant. Our facilities use high-efficiency lightbulbs and reusable plastic pallets instead of wood. And we're continuing to find more and more ways to live out the sustainability we offer.

Savings throughout the water loop

Water Loop Diagram

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