Bedpan Washers

B-0676 Bed Pan Washer

  • Pedal valve (B-0504-01) with 1/2" IPS female inlets with integral loose key angle stops (B-1350)
  • Volume control valve (B-1355) with 3/8" IPS female outlet on pedal valve
  • Vacuum breaker (B-0929) with 3/8" IPS inlet and outlet on 3-3/4" (95mm) centers
  • Wall hook hose connection with 3/8" IPS flanged inlet
  • 5" (1.5m) PVC hose (B-0068-R)

B-0675 Same as B-0676 with self-closing valve (002865-40)

    Model #: 

    B-0678 Bed Pan Washer

    • 1/2" IPS female loose key angle inlet valve with   shut-off and vacuum breaker (B-0968) outlet
    • 5' (1.5m) PVC hose (B-0068-R) with self    closing valve (002865-40)

    B-0679 with extended spray connected directly to hose - self closing valve is omitted

    Model #: 

    B-0690 Bed Pan Washer

    • 1/2" IPS male inlet adapter (055A)
    • 5' (1.5m) reinforced PVC hose (B-0068-R)
    • Self closing spray valve (002865-40)
    Model #: 

    B-0950 Angled Pre-Rinse Spray With Flexible S.S. Hose

    • Newly designed with 1.42 gpm - EPAct 2005 Compliant
    • Designed for heavy-duty use in industrial kitchens
    • Automatic shut-off valve with angled hand spray (02853-40)
    • 3 ft. flexible stainless steel hose
    • 1/2" NPT male inlet
    • 48" (1219mm) overall length of unit

    B-0950-01 same as B-0950 but with B-0068-H stainless steel hose
    B-0956 same as B-0950 but with B-0044-R reinforced PVC hose
    B-0958 same as B-0950 but with 3 ft. (9014 mm) braided vinyl hose

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