You know that low-flow spray valves conserve water, and that conserving water means saving money. But how much will you save? You might be surprised at the costs you can cut annually by simply switching to one of T&S' low-flow spray valves. Stop throwing money down the drain — use our Water Savings Calculator to see what T&S' spray valve could mean for you.
T&S low-flow models water flow rate
Current spray valve
water flow rate
Operating hours per day
If 'Other'
Operating days per year days/year
Number of spray valves per facility
Number of facilities

Water heater fuel type      
Water heater efficiency%
Temperature rise through heater° F
Energy cost
Electricity: $/kWh
Water cost$/CCF (100 ft³)
Sewer cost$/CCF (100 ft³)
 Annual water consumption
 Annual water cost
 Annual sewer cost
 Annual water heating cost
 Total annual cost
 Total cost savings per valve
 Total cost savings per facility

Total cost savings


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