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Hand-washing is an essential part of operating a kitchen safely. But with many hand sink faucets delivering water at up to 2.2 gpm or more, the amount of water—and money—wasted can really add up. By simply adding T&S' low-flow aerators to your existing faucets, you can significantly reduce the amount of water wasted while still maintaining a clean and healthy kitchen. Stop throwing money down the drain—use the water-savings calculator below to see how much T&S' low-flow aerators can save you.
T&S low-flow aerator water flow rate:
Current faucet water flow rate gallons/minute
Number of employees/day in kitchen
Number of hand-washes/employee/day
Operating days per year days/year
Number of facilities
Seconds per hand-wash seconds

Water heater fuel type      
Water heater efficiency%
Temperature rise through heater° F
Energy cost
Electricity: $/kWh
Water cost$/CCF (100 ft³)
Sewer cost$/CCF (100 ft³)
 Annual water consumption
 Annual water cost
 Annual sewer cost
 Annual water heating cost
 Total annual cost
 Total cost savings per facility

Total cost savings


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